The fabric is satin.

The color is dark purple. Any shade of both white, beige, and in a color palette is possible. Pre-negotiated.



Style: Evening long dress with a smell. On the chest there is a shallow V-neck with easy drapery. The skirt falls in deep folds to the floor. Cutting waist with a thin belt in tone. The dark purple satin shimmers perfectly and makes the image bright and attractive!

For whom: In a dress with a smell effect, any woman looks graceful and attractive. Thanks to the V-neck created by the halves of the outfit, you can effectively emphasize and slightly lengthen the neck.

In addition, the advantages of such dresses are:

Visual narrowing of the shoulders.
Underline the waistline.
Improving the silhouette (the girl looks taller and more slender).
Visual enlargement of the bust.

Event Concept: For any holiday event. For the graduation party.