Milen Cocktail Dress
Fabric – lace, classic (rolling) satin.
The color is raspberry. Any shade of both white, beige and a color palette is possible. Pre-negotiated.



Style: Perky, juicy cocktail dress with an attractive lace corset. Skirt style sun, rear with a zipper. At your request, the skirt can be made of any length, after specifying all the details and size.

On whom: This dress for a young lady will not hide her beautiful legs. The openwork border is located in the area of ​​the collarbone and the straps visually narrow the broad shoulders, which is ideal for a figure of an “inverted triangle” type (when the shoulders are wider than the hips). This allows you to visually align the proportion of the figure.

Event concept: Suitable for a wedding of any format (color to your taste) and, of course, for the graduation party!


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