Sequined Evening Dress

The fabric is glitter (gloss).
Color electric blue. Any shades of white, beige and color palette are possible. Preliminary negotiations.



Style: the dress shimmers with all the colors of electric light! Glamorous dotted blue glitter. Glitter fabric is trendy this season. The skirt is multi-layered, so it gives the impression of a transparent depth. Cut skirts in the sun. The volume of the skirt can be adjusted depending on the volume of the skirt. Skirt. It will be a couple of centimeters longer. It looks equally beautiful. How to wear this is a matter of taste. The upper part of the dress is an elastic mesh that cannot match your body color with blue. Lace is on the grid. Lace is clearly visible, acquired the property of fresh flowers growing throughout the body. It looks very impressive in the photo. The upper dresses are made of elastic mesh and are attached under the skirt. V neckline. The dress fastens on the back. The clasp consists of a series of blue cute buttons. There are cups in size in your chest.

For whom: Suitable for women of different physiques. Ladies with magnificent breasts, chubby fit very well.

Event Concept: Suitable for bridesmaids at New Year’s corporate party.


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