Wedding Dress Glitter
The fabric is glitter.
Color – classic white. Any shade of both white, beige, and in a color palette is possible. Pre-negotiated.



Style: A-line dress model. A deep V-shaped neckline lengthens the neck, lowered shoulders highlight the beautiful area of ​​the collarbone! A sun skirt and a mesh ribbon below form the halyards. Glitter fabric accentuates and adds luxury. This fabric is trending in 2019 wedding fashion. Dress on a corset. The corset is pulled back by the lacing of the tape. This is very convenient, because the corset allows you to adjust the size of the dress by 2-3 sizes. At your request, we can replace the lacing with a zipper.

For whom: Suitable for women of different complexions. It goes very well for ladies with magnificent breasts, chubby.

Event Concept: Suitable for an exquisite glamorous wedding. For a festive event.


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