The fabric is glitter.
Color is blue sapphire. Any color and shade of both white, beige, and in a color palette is possible. Pre-negotiated.



Style: Sapphire glitter dress is as inviting as the night sky. Looks impressive both indoors and outdoors. The half-open back and V-neckline beautifully accentuate the neck. A semi-sun skirt creates a graceful A-line. A ribbon of crinoline on the bottom of the skirt makes additional tails (waves). Without a crinoline tape, the skirt will look calmer and lie flat on the floor. The back of the dress holds a ribbon decor. Another variant of the fastener can be without a tape, with a zipper.

For whom: It goes to women of different complexions. A-silhouette creates a wonderful balance between the hips and shoulders, emphasizes the waist, hides the tummy.

Event Concept: For any holiday event. For the graduation party. This dress is eye-catching.