Wedding Dress Boho
Fabric – high-quality rayon.
Color – delicate smoky pink. Any shade of pink, white, beige and other color palettes is possible. Pre-negotiated.


Style: Boho style is now very fashionable in Europe and America. Women of these countries simply crave loose, comfortable and at the same time, unusual clothes that break down the stereotypes of the past. However, this is a matter of taste. This dress is made of thin, delicate, soft-touch artificial silk. A V-neckline at the front and back opens and extends the neck. Skirt on the back with a zipper.

For whom: This model can be called wedding and evening. Dresses with a delicate pink tint are the trend of the current season and very refreshing the face. Suitable for girls and women of different complexions.

Event Concept: Suitable for weddings of any format. For any holiday event. For the graduation party.


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