Wedding Dress Boho Chic

The fabric is lace, chiffon.
Color – white pearl, milky, ivory. Any shade of both white, beige, and in a color palette is possible. Pre-negotiated.



Style: Boho-chic wedding dress is very popular in the current fashion. Simple lines of dress, floral ornament, delicate lace, sophisticated embroidery and decoration – all this clearly demonstrates the girl’s natural beauty, emphasizes sincerity of feelings and inner freedom. Usually a wreath of fresh wildflowers instead of a veil completes a cute image, and instead of stilettos, they get comfortable sandals or boots. We are sure that you will be a charming bride, and the wedding will be held in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere!

For whom: Suitable for women of different complexions, as well as chubby. Very suitable for ladies with magnificent breasts. A V-neckline will lengthen the neck.

Concept of the event: In recent years, it has become unusually fashionable to conduct boho-style wedding ceremonies, and the wedding dress, accordingly, must meet all the laws of this genre. Union of hippie and bohemian, gothic and grunge style elements. Extraordinary personalities choose to celebrate a solemn day in this direction, although more and more people prefer Boho style wedding dresses in Europe and around the world, and the whole ceremony is held in this vein.


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