Amphora Evening Dress
The fabric is chiffon, lace.
Color – yellow, black lace appliqués. Any shade of both white, beige, and in a color palette is possible. Pre-negotiated.



Style: Chiffon dress. Its silhouette resembles the shape of an Amphora. On a corset, behind on a lightning and a lacing tape. V – neckline will extend the neckline and beautifully emphasize the chest. A light chiffon skirt develops in waves under the influence of the breeze. The contrast of fabric and lace creates a striking image of a woman. And the lightness of the fabric is femininity.

For whom: A pleated skirt gives volume to the hips and evens out the proportion to the type of “inverted triangle” shape (when the shoulders are wider than the hips). Suitable for women of different complexions.

Event concept: Suitable for a wedding guest, for a graduate of a prom.


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